Monday, April 16, 2007

a rainy Sunday afternoon at AIPAD, in the Park Avenue Armory. what interested me: various prints by Gustave Le Gray, Charles Marville, Louis De Clerq, Julia Margaret Cameron, Tina Modotti, Edward Steichen, Rudolph Koppitz, Clarence White, Heinrich Kuhn, George Seeley, Walker Evans, Man Ray, some vernacular images (including press photos from the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald), spirit photos, & Miroslav Tichy, whose work I don't know.
the Nor'Easter (for a Midwesterner such as myself, still an exotic term - it sounds like 19th century dialect - how Mark Twain) wet & loud-

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Unknown said...

I am surprised you were not familiar with Tichy. He is the living conundrum of modern photography. Makes his own cameras AND lenses AND enlargers with cardboard, tape and asphalt glue, is frequently arrested for vagrancy and is supremely fatalistic. But is he happy? He claims he is and I think his photos say a lot to that. I hope you can post some of his gems here in the future.